Kitchen Lighting for the Zero Energy Home, Infographic
We have created this infographic to illustrate the concept of a Zero Energy Home and included notes on the Lighting Plan to help put this concept into practice.
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The Latest Lighting Trends You Must Know About
Long gone are the days when lighting fixtures used to serve only functional purposes. The decorative designs and lush intricacies of these fixtures have made them a favorite accessory for beautifying home interiors. The latest trends making buzz in the market all support this idea.
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How to Choose a Table Lamp for Your Room?
A table lamp is no longer a mere light source. It has become an exquisite accessory to augment the interior of a home. Today's market is filled with decorative table lamps in many designs and styles. It can be a daunting decision when choosing which one to bring home.
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Three Things To Consider Before Buying a Decorative Lamp
Decorative lamps have become a prominent lighting accessory that serves both functional and beautifying purposes. Choosing a decorative lamp among the abundant available choices can be a tough task.
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Cleaning Decorative Ceiling Fans: Easy Tips
Ceiling fans are an exquisite addition to the interior decor of the home. Not only do they serve the function of keeping a room cool, but they also augment its beauty.
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How Outdoor Lighting Enhances the Beauty of Your Home
There is a wide array of lighting to supplement the exterior of your home. Pier Mounting Lights, Hanging Lights, Flush Mount Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Wall Mount Lighting are a few examples of lights to choose from.
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How to Get Your Lighting Right
There is a wide array of lighting to choose from. The way a space is lit defines the mood and theme of that space. Getting the lighting right can be a tough job.
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Hybrid Torchiere Lamps: Things You Should Know
We all love Torchiere lamps when it comes to lighting our interiors. These lights have the power to augment our interior as well as the ability to set the theme of a home.
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Picture Lighting: Things to Know
In every home Pictures are used to add splendor to the walls and overall design scheme. The pictures and paintings need to be well lit so they can be seen in their full aesthetics.
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Bring Elegance at Home with Torchiere Lamps
Today Torchiere lamps use light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. An array of designs is available to comprehend the overall beauty and interior of the home.
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Illuminate your Home with Different Ceiling Lights
Lighting hanging from the ceiling not only provides necessary illumination for your home, but also augments its interior beauty. You can compliment many themes and moods with the right kind of ceiling lights and accessories.
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5 Interior Designing Tips for a Modern Home
Make sure the interior reflects your lifestyle. When you bring your personal style and items into your home, it will convert an average room into a spectacular one.
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Pendant lighting: Things you should know, Infographic
Pendant lighting is not only ideal for setting a theme for your home, it also augments the interior`s decor. Single or multiple light fixtures hung from the ceiling can lighten up your home for everyday or special purposes.
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Different Types of Wall Lights to Augment the Beauty of Any Room
Wall lights are an important addition to the d?cor of any home. Not only do they serve the purpose of performing a variety of tasks, they also add elegance to a space.
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