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American Lighting – Tape Lighting, Downlighting, Task Lighting and Light Bulbs

American Lighting was founded in 1989. They manufacturer a wide range of products for all lighting solution needs. Whether it be residential, commercial, or specialty lighting, American Lighting covers all your lighting needs. They aim to provide customers with innovative solutions and bright ideas. They accomplish this goal by using the latest in lighting technology as well as high quality lighting products that customers can count on. American Lighting is committed to innovating new product designs and new technologies so that customers are always offered the latest trends in designs and LED technology. American Lighting has been a great partner to work with over the years as they provide superior customer service maintained by highly experienced lighting professionals. Here is a more in depth look at the vast selection of beautiful lighting products that American Lighting offers:

Trulux Lighting Systems - The Trulux lighting systems was the grand prize winner of the American Lighting Associations 2016 “Lighting for Tomorrow” Award. The Trulux lighting systems are Tape Lighting Kits with some of the most innovative LED technology in lighting today. You can get this tape lighting custom cut or purchase one of there amazing light kits. The Trulux lighting system allows you to either chose one color or you can choose one of their turn able CCT tape light kits which allows you to change your lights to multiple colors. This system is perfect for any living room, bedroom, or kitchen and fits a variety of styles whether it be contemporary modern or transitional. The Trulux System offers Universal Premium extrusions for Drywall or for Recessed purposes. American Lightings Trulux system has some of the most innovative LED tape light technology in the business.

Task Lighting- American Lighting offers a variety of Task Lighting for residential or commercial needs. They have undercabinet lights that are either LED or Xenon. They also puck lighting for your recessed lighting projects. For Task Lighting, American Lighting also has some LED Pendants, swivel lights and spotlights.

Downlighting: American Lighting offers a variety of downlights for commercial or residential application. These downlights go beautifully in your kitchen, living room, hallways, bedroom, or even your foyer. These downlights provide a more value-oriented solution to lighting without having to spend big money on expensive Chandeliers, Pendants, or Flush Mounts. The LED downlights that American Lighting offers are Contemporary Modern with finishes either being black, chrome, white, or nickel.

Linear or Accent Lighting: American Lighting has a few different options of Accent Lights to chose from. They have premium linear lighting that can be used with single colors or multiple colors, rope lighting for LED or Incandescent Kits, Decorative Light Strings that are commercial grade, and some decorative light bulbs like the G45 or G50. They also have standard LED and incandescent light bulbs.

Turtle Lighting: Has your community imposed new guidelines of what kind of lights your allowed to put outside your home or inside of your home due to new Sea Turtle lighting ordinances? If that’s the case than you need to check out American Lightings Turtle safe Lighting options! These include light bulbs, outdoor wall lights, light strings, and more turtle lighting options!