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Simplicity Six Light Chandelier 9256

Six Light Chandelier from Simplicity collection in Washed Wood finish 25.00`` wide 41.00`` tall Learn More

Willowmore 15 Light Chandelier 1829TZ

15 Light Chandelier from Willowmore collection in Tannery Bronze finish 42.00`` wide 47.75`` tall Learn More

Florence 24 Light Chandelier 1-1407-24-56

24 Light Chandelier from Florence collection in New Tortoise Shell finish 65.00`` wide 68.00`` tall Learn More

Addison Nine Light Chandelier FX-3684-9

Nine Light Chandelier from Addison collection in Black finish 34.00`` wide 25.75`` tall Learn More

Maria Theresa 37 Light Chandelier 2800G44C/SS

37 Light Chandelier from Maria Theresa collection in Chrome finish 44.00`` wide 44.00`` tall Learn More

Fairfax Ten Light Chandelier HF8080-BB

Ten Light Chandelier from Fairfax collection in Brushed Brass finish 26.50`` wide 104.50`` tall Learn More

Rosalia 45 Light Chandelier 9245G54DB/EC

45 Light Chandelier from Rosalia collection in Dark Bronze finish 54.00`` wide 66.00`` tall Learn More

Carson Eight Light Chandelier FR40708VIR

Eight Light Chandelier from Carson collection in Vintage Iron finish 34.00`` wide 43.00`` tall Learn More

Salon Maison 16 Light Multi-Tier Chandelier F2230/8+4+4ATS

16 Light Multi-Tier Chandelier from Salon Maison collection in Aged Tortoise Shell finish 53.50`` wide 69.00`` tall Learn More

Westfield 12 Light Foyer Pendant 47199-67

12 Light Foyer Pendant from Westfield collection in Olde Bronze finish 42.00`` wide 39.00`` tall Learn More

Victoria 18 Light Chandelier 8033G32G/SA

18 Light Chandelier from Victoria collection in Gold finish 32.00`` wide 42.00`` tall Learn More

Lighting Six Light Chandelier 6488-6-33

Six Light Chandelier from Lighting collection in St. Regis Bronze finish 30.50`` wide 39.25`` tall Learn More

Taulbee 15 Light Chandelier 43826WZC

15 Light Chandelier from Taulbee collection in Weathered Zinc finish 44.00`` wide 38.75`` tall Learn More

Turing 12 Light Chandelier 1-9112-12-68

12 Light Chandelier from Turing collection in Whiskey Wood finish 36.13`` wide 47.75`` tall Learn More

Crystal Bud Eight Light Chandelier 9975

Eight Light Chandelier from Crystal Bud collection in Silver Granello finish 33.00`` wide 33.00`` tall Learn More

Maria Theresa 61 Light Chandelier 2800G54C/RC

61 Light Chandelier from Maria Theresa collection in Chrome finish 54.00`` wide 72.00`` tall Learn More

Rosalia 60 Light Chandelier 9260G72FG/EC

60 Light Chandelier from Rosalia collection in French Gold finish 72.00`` wide 96.00`` tall Learn More

Casa 18 Light Foyer Pendant 4309OL

18 Light Foyer Pendant from Casa collection in Olde Black finish 56.00`` wide 68.00`` tall Learn More

Ashbury Six Light Chandelier P4463-134

Six Light Chandelier from Ashbury collection in Silver Ridge finish 32.00`` wide 32.25`` tall Learn More

Magro Stelo 12 Light Chandelier CH3127-37G-ST

12 Light Chandelier from Magro Stelo collection in Pewter finish Learn More

Cascade 12 Light Pendant 1473G37BZ

12 Light Pendant from Cascade collection in Bronze finish 37.00`` wide 47.00`` tall Learn More

Bedetti 18 Light Chandelier 023953-017-FR001

18 Light Chandelier from Bedetti collection in 2-Tone Silver finish 48.00`` wide 32.00`` tall Learn More

Maria Theresa 49 Light Chandelier 2800G72G/EC

49 Light Chandelier from Maria Theresa collection in Gold finish 72.00`` wide 60.00`` tall Learn More

Weston 17 Light Foyer Chandelier 52119-91

17 Light Foyer Chandelier from Weston collection in Brushed Nickel finish 44.00`` wide 43.50`` tall Learn More

Crescendo 14 Light Chandelier 700CRES36LS

14 Light Chandelier from Crescendo collection in Satin Nickel finish 36.00`` wide 168.00`` tall Learn More

Cash Pendant D3598

Pendant from Cash collection in Antique Silver finish 51.00`` wide 23.00`` tall Learn More

Boca 13 Light LED Chandelier 1233-PN

13 Light LED Chandelier from Boca collection in Polished Nickel finish 39.00`` wide 30.25`` tall Learn More

Marquette 20 Light Foyer Pendant MQ5020HL

20 Light Foyer Pendant from Marquette collection in Heirloom finish 48.50`` wide 65.00`` tall Learn More

Hardy Chandelier 89044

Chandelier from Hardy collection in Antique Brass/Bronze finish 36.50`` wide 16.50`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 13585 total

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Chandeliers of All Sizes and Styles, Crystal Chandelier, Contemporary Chandelier, Foyer Chandelier

Shop Chandeliers, from Modern Chandeliers to Crystal Chandeliers, of All Sizes and Styles at Beautiful Things Lighting!

Draw your guests attention upward and make a bold statement when you install one of our beautiful chandeliers from Beautiful Things Lighting. Chandeliers are light fixtures suspended by cables, poles or chain, providing large-space lighting and an ornamental appeal. Traditionally, chandelier fixtures have several tiers of bulbs and are often finished with beautiful crystal prisms and shapes to refract light. Beautiful Things Lighting has the best selection of high quality chandeliers that you can install in your foyer, dining room, hallway, kitchen, or bathroom.

If you love the look of classic or elegant crystal chandeliers, Beautiful Things Lighting can help make your dream vision come true. We have an amazing assortment of classic crystal styles and traditional looks that make a perfect complement to your Victorian, antique or vintage living space. When placed in a sunny room with plenty of ample light, your crystal chandelier will beautifully reflect the sunshine and create a unique light show. We also have many exquisite bronze and brass chandeliers that provide an up to date take on the quintessential chandelier. You can choose styles finished with decorative shades or keep it classic with chandeliers featuring exposed bulbs with vintage-style light bulbs that complete the design.

High quality lighting fixtures don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

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