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Woodland Park Four Light Foyer Chandelier 50703-67

Four Light Foyer Chandelier from Woodland Park collection in Olde Bronze finish 12.00`` wide 20.00`` tall Learn More

Five Light Entry Pendant 6733-5-65

Five Light Entry Pendant in Satin Nickel finish 14.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Sausalito Four Light Pendant F1284SG

Four Light Pendant from Sausalito collection in Silver Gold finish 17.75`` wide 28.25`` tall Learn More

Clancy Three Light Foyer Pendant 3033PN

Three Light Foyer Pendant from Clancy collection in Polished Nickel finish 15.50`` wide 35.25`` tall Learn More

Enclave Nine Light Foyer Pendant P3692-71

Nine Light Foyer Pendant from Enclave collection in Gilded Iron finish 24.00`` wide 38.00`` tall Learn More

Foyer Three Light Foyer 3P-80202-6-13

Three Light Foyer from Foyer collection in English Bronze finish 20.25`` wide 37.50`` tall Learn More

Fascination One Light Foyer Pendant 293F01ZG

One Light Foyer Pendant from Fascination collection in Zen Gold finish Learn More

Glendale Nine Light Pendant 8912-PN

Nine Light Pendant from Glendale collection in Polished Nickel finish 12.25`` wide 24.75`` tall Learn More

Carousel Four Light Lantern 9033

Four Light Lantern from Carousel collection in Lollipop Red/Gold Leaf finish 14.00`` wide 29.63`` tall Learn More

Smyth Four Light Chandelier 2073-4 GMT

Four Light Chandelier from Smyth collection in Gunmetal Bronze finish 21.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Seville 12 Light Foyer Pendant 8866-64

12 Light Foyer Pendant from Seville collection in Palacial Bronze w/ Gilded Accents finish 28.00`` wide 63.00`` tall Learn More

Six Light Entry Pendant 6736-6-80

Six Light Entry Pendant in Aged Brass finish 18.00`` wide 37.75`` tall Learn More

Free Wheeling Three Light Chandelier 512550

Three Light Chandelier from Free Wheeling collection in Silver Leaf Antique finish 10.00`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

Gentry 12 Light Foyer Pendant 3479HR

12 Light Foyer Pendant from Gentry collection in Heirloom Brass finish 17.00`` wide 40.25`` tall Learn More

Keats Four Light Foyer Pendant P3891-20

Four Light Foyer Pendant from Keats collection in Antique Bronze finish 21.00`` wide 32.25`` tall Learn More

Perryton Eight Light Hall / Foyer 5115008EN-839

Eight Light Hall / Foyer from Perryton collection in Blacksmith finish 19.00`` wide 31.00`` tall Learn More

Garfield Four Light Lantern 4314-91

Four Light Lantern from Garfield collection in Brushed Nickel finish 13.50`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Belmont Eight Light Foyer Pendant 500253FG

Eight Light Foyer Pendant from Belmont collection in Florence Gold finish 23.00`` wide 39.50`` tall Learn More

Kappa Six Light Pendant KAP-196P-PC-MB

Six Light Pendant from Kappa collection in Polished Chrome & Matte Black finish 19.00`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Chandeliers 12 Light Chandelier N3644-362

12 Light Chandelier from Chandeliers collection in Armandari finish 29.50`` wide 64.00`` tall Learn More

Rossington Two Light Entry Pendant 6822-2-65

Two Light Entry Pendant from Rossington collection in Satin Nickel finish 8.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Altadore 12 Light Pendant 181-12

12 Light Pendant from Altadore collection in Bronze finish 17.75`` wide 41.34`` tall Learn More

Windham Six Light Foyer Fixture WIN-296C-BK

Six Light Foyer Fixture from Windham collection in Matte Black finish 16.00`` wide 29.00`` tall Learn More

Fleming Four Light Foyer Pendant 4493PL

Four Light Foyer Pendant from Fleming collection in Polished Antique Nickel finish 12.00`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Worthington Four Light Chandelier AC11011

Four Light Chandelier from Worthington collection in Oil Rubbed Bronze/Antiqe Gold finish 14.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Brook Hall Four Light Foyer Pendant BKH5204WT

Four Light Foyer Pendant from Brook Hall collection in Western Bronze finish 13.00`` wide 28.50`` tall Learn More

Huntsville Three Light Hall / Foyer 5136103-782

Three Light Hall / Foyer from Huntsville collection in Heirloom Bronze finish 14.00`` wide 23.44`` tall Learn More

Magro Quadro Four Light Pendant CH3502-37G-38G-ST

Four Light Pendant from Magro Quadro collection in Pewter w/Polished Nickel Accents finish Learn More

Calla Three Light Foyer Pendant 42611SGD

Three Light Foyer Pendant from Calla collection in Sterling Gold finish 14.00`` wide 31.00`` tall Learn More

Foyer Nine Light Foyer Pendant N952011

Nine Light Foyer Pendant from Foyer collection in Oxide Brass finish 26.50`` wide 47.75`` tall Learn More

Tribeca Six Light Entry Pendant 6878-6-86

Six Light Entry Pendant from Tribeca collection in Oiled Bronze finish 21.00`` wide 36.50`` tall Learn More

Serenade Six Light Pendant 429-6C-CH

Six Light Pendant from Serenade collection in Chrome finish 17.50`` wide 40.00`` tall Learn More

Amethyst Nine Light Foyer Pendant DVP6310CPG/GR-CRY

Nine Light Foyer Pendant from Amethyst collection in Champagne Gold finish 22.00`` wide 37.00`` tall Learn More

Cresson Four Light Pendant 2213-AGB

Four Light Pendant from Cresson collection in Aged Brass finish 13.50`` wide 20.25`` tall Learn More

Rossington Four Light Dual Mount 2822-18-62

Four Light Dual Mount from Rossington collection in Polished Nickel finish 18.00`` wide 18.50`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 1991 total

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