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Cognac One Light Pendant 28070-2C-ORB/AMB

One Light Pendant from Cognac collection in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish 4.75`` wide 10.25`` tall Learn More

Milieu Mini Pendant One Light Mini Pendant 11761-010-FR001

One Light Mini Pendant from Milieu Mini Pendant collection in Chrome finish 6.00`` wide 79.00`` tall Learn More

La Brea Ave. One Light Pendant HF8000-CHR

One Light Pendant from La Brea Ave. collection in Chrome finish 12.00`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

One Light Pendant MEL-18CLR-BK

One Light Pendant in Black finish 18.00`` wide 11.00`` tall Learn More

Maxime Nine Light Chandelier 2037D20C-GT/SS

Nine Light Chandelier from Maxime collection in Chrome finish 20.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Nest One Light Mini-Pendant FR41627SLF

One Light Mini-Pendant from Nest collection in Silver Leaf finish 6.00`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Congress One Light Pendant 3110OZ

One Light Pendant from Congress collection in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish 9.25`` wide 8.25`` tall Learn More

Edison Collection One Light Pendant 19-PN-1609

One Light Pendant from Edison Collection collection in Polished Nickel finish 9.00`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Kyle Four Light Pendant 6917-OB-WS

Four Light Pendant from Kyle collection in Old Bronze finish 17.00`` wide 18.50`` tall Learn More

QAP Low Voltage Pendant Kit KIT-QAP210-WH-A

Low Voltage Pendant Kit from QAP collection in Satin Nickel finish 4.50`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Pyramid One Light Pendant 93580VC

One Light Pendant from Pyramid collection in Vintage Copper finish 14.00`` wide 15.50`` tall Learn More

Cirus Four Light Pendant/Semi Flush Mount 43754AUB

Four Light Pendant/Semi Flush Mount from Cirus collection in Auburn Stained Finish finish 30.00`` wide 14.00`` tall Learn More

Cortland Three Light Pendant 50924-07

Three Light Pendant from Cortland collection in Bronze finish 13.00`` wide 23.00`` tall Learn More

Equinox LED LED Pendant 39102BCPN

LED Pendant from Equinox LED collection in Polished Nickel finish 18.00`` wide 21.00`` tall Learn More

Magic LED Chandelier PD-35615-PN

LED Chandelier from Magic collection in Polished Nickel finish 11.50`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Alcott LED Pendant P1399AGB-LED

LED Pendant from Alcott collection in Aged Brass finish 8.88`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

LED Mini Pendant 62/888

LED Mini Pendant in Brushed Nickel finish 6.75`` wide 9.25`` tall Learn More

Parlay LED Mini Pendant P5329-1530K9

LED Mini Pendant from Parlay collection in Polished Chrome finish 8.00`` wide 7.63`` tall Learn More

Ashton Satin Nickel One Light Pendant 3135-65

One Light Pendant from Ashton Satin Nickel collection in Satin Nickel finish 6.50`` wide 9.75`` tall Learn More

Jonathan Adler Ipanema One Light Pendant S699

One Light Pendant from Jonathan Adler Ipanema collection in Polished Nickel finish 38.75`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Pratt Street Prismatic One Light Pendant 65060EN3-715

One Light Pendant from Pratt Street Prismatic collection in Autumn Bronze finish 11.00`` wide 7.00`` tall Learn More

Ringlo™ LED Pendant 2419-25

LED Pendant from Ringlo™ collection in Satin Black finish 15.25`` wide 36.00`` tall Learn More

Alina Pendant One Light Pendant 700FJALIUZ

One Light Pendant from Alina Pendant collection in Antique Bronze finish 4.00`` wide 7.00`` tall Learn More

Fino Pendant Pendant 700TDFINPSWZ

Pendant from Fino Pendant collection in Antique Bronze finish 4.20`` wide 22.00`` tall Learn More

Fly Boy One Light Pendant F4707

One Light Pendant from Fly Boy collection in Antique Silver w/Vintage Aluminum /Aged Brass finish 32.00`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Felis Pendant For Track Mount HTK-F4-404CO/BK

Pendant For Track Mount from Felis collection in Black finish 11.50`` wide 11.50`` tall Learn More

Dynamo LED Pendant PD-64713-BN/CH

LED Pendant from Dynamo collection in Chrome finish 13.00`` wide 13.00`` tall Learn More

Shark One Light Pendant 100701BN-DWL14

One Light Pendant from Shark collection in Brushed Nickel finish 13.50`` wide 11.00`` tall Learn More

Arshe One Light Mini Pendant 603MP

One Light Mini Pendant from Arshe collection in Caf Bronze finish 5.50`` wide 62.50`` tall Learn More

Baylor One Light Pendant P1461ORB

One Light Pendant from Baylor collection in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish 12.00`` wide 17.25`` tall Learn More

Art Glass Mini Pendant One Light Mini Pendant 40605-91

One Light Mini Pendant from Art Glass Mini Pendant collection in Brushed Nickel finish 8.00`` wide 9.50`` tall Learn More

Annie Pendant DJ42049

Pendant from Annie collection in Antique Brass/Polished Brass finish 23.00`` wide 30.00`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 29034 total

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Pendant Lighting all Styles and Finishes!

Shop Pendant Lighting of All Sizes and Styles at Beautiful Things Lighting

Dazzilingly suspended from the ceiling, pendant lighting is a perfect lighting solution for any space in your home. Pendant lights are designed to provide task and ambient lighting, however, the true focal point of the light fixture is the shade. Pendant light shades can be made from a variety of different materials, ranging from metal to glass or beautiful fabrics that come in several sizes from mini to oversized. These bold shades boast classic shapes such as a drum shape or a vibrant globe shape. There are even pendant lights with bulbs only that come with no shades. They showcase the beauty of ultimate simplicity. With over 10,000 available styles, modern pendant light fixtures allow you to customize your space by either making a bold, design statement or perfectly complementing a rooms overall decor.

Drum Pendant Lighting: Drum pendant lighting shows a classic, tailored shade in the shape of a drum. From graphic and colorful to minimal and plain, these pendant light fixtures are made from either fabric or metal and are available in different sizes. A large drum pendant light above a dining room table or over your foyer can feature colors that match the rooms decor that are always a wonderful addition to any dining room. Whereas a colorful pendant light in a game room can accent the playful atmosphere for your family.

Mini Pendant Lighting:Mini pendant lights are perfect for small surface spaces that need additional task lighting. There are many colorful small mini pendant lights lined above a kitchen counter or island that are perfect for adding the extra light needed for cooking while adding style for your guests. A mini pendant light is also a stylish, modern addition to your bedroom. Simply suspend a small light fixture above a nightstand table to provide the desired task lighting while also keeping the nightstand free for your personal belongings.

LED Pendant Lighting: With the advances in LED technology, modern pendant lighting are now available in shapes and sizes that were never before possible. From creative designs and shapes with multiple points of light to ultra slim profiles, these modern LED pendant lights will either be the focal point of a space or can even blend with the architecture of any room. Besides providing an opportunity to create innovative and modern designs, LEDs are an environmentally-friendly light source as they are very energy-efficient.

Muti-System Pendants: Multi pendant lighting can be one of the best choices in lighting for your home. Each combination of multi pendant lights can give you just the look you were hoping for. Whether you want to buy modern pendant lights, glass colored to match your décor or you opt for a more rustic style to match your taste, Beautiful Things Lighting has just the style for you. Any room in your home can benefit from the beauty and style of pendant lighting.

High quality lighting fixtures don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

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