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  1. Monte Carlo Turbine 56``Ceiling Fan 8TNR56RZWD
    Monte Carlo Turbine 56``Ceiling Fan 8TNR56RZWD
    Special Price $462.32 Regular Price $660.45
  2. Monte Carlo Prairie 52`` Ceiling Fan 14PRR52BSD
    Monte Carlo Prairie 52`` Ceiling Fan 14PRR52BSD
    Special Price $719.25 Regular Price $959.00
  3. Monte Carlo Vision 84`` Ceiling Fan 5VMR84BSD
    Monte Carlo Vision 84`` Ceiling Fan 5VMR84BSD
    Special Price $524.25 Regular Price $699.00
  4. Monte Carlo Discus ES 52``Ceiling Fan 5DI52ESRBD
    Monte Carlo Discus ES 52``Ceiling Fan 5DI52ESRBD
    Special Price $168.32 Regular Price $240.45
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Items 1-92 of 2099

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Small ceiling fans are a great way to make a small room cool. We traditionally think of ceiling fans as a rather large installment, made for rooms that have a ton of ceiling space. These ceiling fans, though, at Beautiful Things Lighting, are a great way to make sure you can always keep cool in bathrooms, closets, hallways, bedrooms, and breakfast nooks.

Bathrooms have obvious reasons for wanting a small ceiling fan, both for getting rid of unpleasant smells and for de-humidifying a bathroom after a hot bath or shower. Kitchens, too, have specific reasons for needing fans. They’re a great way to get smells out, as well as smoke. We’ve all been cooking and had the smoke detector go off simply because we left something in the toaster, oven, or pan just a little bit too long. Turning on a ceiling fan will let you cook in peace. Larger ceiling fans often just won’t fit in these smaller spaces, or, even if they fit, they’ll end up looking ridiculous in proportion to the size of the room. For any home décor, but especially ceiling fixtures like fans and chandeliers, room size is so important in dictating the size of the product you want to buy.

What is a small ceiling fan, exactly? Well, a small ceiling fan is a fan that is 50 inches in diameter or under. So, if you want a fan bigger than that, go check out our other ceiling fans. 50 inches is the largest small ceiling fan we offer, but we have fans as small as 20 inches, which works especially well for places like closets of children’s rooms.

Whatever small ceiling fan you require, we’ll provide it for you. That’s just another one of the things that makes Beautiful Things Lighting so great, is that we have so many options to choose from. Even in such a small category we have 165 small ceiling fans to choose from, with brands like Casablanca, Fanimation, Hunter, Minka Aire, and Monte Carlo. We have several finishes to choose from, too, including antique brass, black, bronze, chrome, nickel, and white. Looking for a particular style to compliment your home’s specific look? That’s not a problem. Choose from our many styles including Americana, Contemporary Modern, European Influence, Kids Korner, Restoration, Traditional, Transitional, Tropical/British Colonial, and Victorian. That’s a lot of options!

That’s what makes Beautiful Things Lighting the very best lighting company to shop from. We have great prices, excellent customer service, and of course, amazing products. Start picking out your future small fan ceiling fixture, right now!

Large Fans

Fans have obvious use in any home. They provide cool air directly onto a person, giving the relieving sensation of wind on your skin in contrast to the hot weather. They also can be used in winter months to disperse the hot air that rises to the ceiling into the rest of the room, resulting with a heating effect, when they’re directed to spin in reverse. So, in the summer and winter months, they can always be used to change the temperature in a specific room, which results in saving on heating and air conditioning bills. Large fans, in particular, though, have a specific time and place.

The first thing to remember about choosing the fan size for any room is the size of the room itself. That includes ceiling height as well as the square footage of the room. This is for two reasons. The first reason is for decorative purposes. A large fan in a tiny room can look a bit awkward, and take too much focus away from the rest of the style and décor of a room. In that same vein, a small fan in a big room can look useless or insignificant.

The second reason to consider the size of the room when choosing the size of your fan is for utility purposes. A small fan in a large room isn’t going to provide enough of a cooling effect, unless it’s directly over a person. Or, if the ceiling is too high, the same thing occurs. A large fan in a small room might provide too much cooling, even on a low-setting, but this is less likely to be a problem.

So, when choosing a large fan, you generally want to have it in a larger room in your home. That way, it can cool all the people you need it to, and it will look great in proportion to the dimensions of the room, as well.

Now that you know that you’re choosing a large fan, you get to choose which fan you want! At Beautiful Things Lighting, we have all the best options, from brands like Casablanca, Fanimation, Maxim, Kichler, Hunter, Minka Aire, and many more. We also have fourteen fantastic finishes two choose from, including bronze, gold, nickel, multi-color, white, and antique brass. We even have a large selection of styles to choose from, including Americana, Craftsman/Mission, Art Glass, Native American, Victorian, Traditional, and Transitional.

Select from the best options for amazing prices at Beautiful Things Lighting, today!