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Medallion Single Door Cabinet 06690-820-001

Single Door Cabinet from Medallion collection in Antique Blue finish 25.00`` wide 78.00`` tall Learn More

Madison Console Table 114-80

Console Table from Madison collection in Gloss White / Silver finish 18.00`` wide 31.50`` tall Learn More

Arlette Chair 23239

Chair from Arlette collection in Ebony Stain, Antique White, Brass finish 22.80`` wide 37.80`` tall Learn More

Mirrored Accent Table Accent Table 29023

Accent Table from Mirrored Accent Table collection in Clear finish 35.00`` wide 20.00`` tall Learn More

Coffee Table 09626

Coffee Table in Oak Veneer/Black finish 14.25`` wide 19.75`` tall Learn More

Whitmore Night Stand 3102

Night Stand from Whitmore collection in Burnt Coal/Vintage Steel finish 17.00`` wide 32.00`` tall Learn More

Essex Cocktail Table 2734

Cocktail Table from Essex collection in Natural Iron/Rose Quartz finish 36.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Hohner Table Base Zebrano 6043240

Table Base Zebrano from Hohner collection in Zebrano finish 12.00`` wide 30.00`` tall Learn More

Rishi Three Drawer Chest 25504

Three Drawer Chest from Rishi collection in Distressed Honey finish 38.00`` wide 31.00`` tall Learn More

Bamboo Tray Table 04445

Tray Table from Bamboo collection in Gold Leaf finish 16.00`` wide 32.00`` tall Learn More

Bedford Display 603508

Display from Bedford collection in Artisan Stain,Manor Graystone. finish 36.00`` wide 83.00`` tall Learn More

Throne Stool 857043

Stool from Throne collection in Turquoise finish 16.00`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

Liberty Partition Door 08944-860-003

Door from Liberty Partition collection in Mahogany finish 36.00`` wide 96.00`` tall Learn More

Accent Table Accent Table 138-180

Accent Table from Accent Table collection in Gold, Black finish 16.00`` wide 28.00`` tall Learn More

Chione Armchair 23631

Armchair from Chione collection in Black finish 27.00`` wide 40.00`` tall Learn More

Brodie Accent Table 25981

Accent Table from Brodie collection in Textured Iron w/Light Patina finish Learn More

Museum Table 1114-255

Table from Museum collection in Gold Leaf finish 48.00`` wide 33.00`` tall Learn More

Gilt Twist Rectangular Table 4057

Rectangular Table from Gilt Twist collection in Gilt Bronze finish 44.00`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

Zephyr Bench 6073

Bench from Zephyr collection in Top Grain Black Leather/Antique Brass finish 62.00`` wide 19.00`` tall Learn More

Ilford Furniture 6500536

Furniture from Ilford collection in Natural Stain on Mahogany finish 12.00`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

Maxfield Accent Table 25779

Accent Table from Maxfield collection in Pewter Glaze finish 22.00`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Portman End Tables 05230

End Tables from Portman collection in Graphite finish 19.50`` wide 20.00`` tall Learn More

Rattan Chairs Chair 693509P

Chair from Rattan Chairs collection in Heritage Dark Grey Stain finish 21.00`` wide 30.00`` tall Learn More

Marseilles Gathering Table - Base Only 17502-640-001

Gathering Table - Base Only from Marseilles collection 42.00`` wide 34.00`` tall Learn More

Chandon Accent Table 160-007

Accent Table from Chandon collection in Rockford finish 49.00`` wide 35.00`` tall Learn More

Genessis Console Table 24302

Console Table from Genessis collection in Sun Bleached with Light Antiquing Glaze finish 54.00`` wide 33.00`` tall Learn More

Grayson Cocktail Table 2988

Cocktail Table from Grayson collection in Natural Iron/Cosmic Marble finish 32.00`` wide 19.00`` tall Learn More

Concepci?n Sofa 1204-008

Sofa from Concepci?n collection in Oyster finish 85.00`` wide 29.00`` tall Learn More

Perseus Nesting Tables 06999

Nesting Tables from Perseus collection in Brass finish 18.25`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Sinclair Side Table 6650

Side Table from Sinclair collection in Natural Waxed Iron/Oxidized Brass/Clear Glass finish 20.00`` wide 25.00`` tall Learn More

Couture Covers Bench 7011-120

Bench from Couture Covers collection in New Signature Stain finish 25.00`` wide 19.00`` tall Learn More

Flow Bar Stool 240A04SL

Bar Stool from Flow collection in Steel finish 24.00`` wide 37.00`` tall Learn More

Midas Table 06270

Table from Midas collection in Gold Leaf finish 14.25`` wide 22.75`` tall Learn More

Rustic Wood Pedestal 37181

Pedestal from Rustic Wood collection in Walnut Stain w/Black Iron finish 12.00`` wide 28.00`` tall Learn More

Silver Tree Pedestal 35061

Pedestal from Silver Tree collection in Raw Silver finish 16.00`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Celeste Chair on Casters 20046-700-001

Chair on Casters from Celeste collection in Antique Ebony finish 25.00`` wide 36.50`` tall Learn More

Beaufort Desk 3169-025T

Desk from Beaufort collection in Gold,Grey finish 39.00`` wide 31.00`` tall Learn More

Sameya Accent Table 24445

Accent Table from Sameya collection in Oxidized Copper finish 26.00`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

Sofa 8032

Sofa in Sharkskin Velvet/Gray Ash finish 108.00`` wide 30.50`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 2198 total

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Furniture - Decorative Accent Tables, Media Consoles, Arm Chairs and More

Find the Perfect Decorative Home Furniture and Accessories at Beautiful Things Lighting!

An effective way to enhance the aesthetic value of your home is to invest in good quality furniture. It is best to buy furniture first when you are moving to a new home or redecorating your current home. Choosing accent furniture, accessories, or decors is easier once the tables, couches, beds, and others are already in place. Even when planning your home, it is best if you already have an idea what type of furniture you want to have.

There are many considerations when buying furniture. One of these is the size. You do not want your living spaces to look cramped or empty because you picked the wrong size of furniture. For apartments, condominiums and homes with small spaces, you can choose small items that are both stylish and functional. Some examples are ottoman, low tables, and armless chairs. Tall pieces are not ideal in small spaces as they block the view and make the home look cramped.

Furniture can be one of the more expensive modifications to room. It is best to invest in durable pieces so you will not have to replace them the near future. Low quality may be less expensive, which may entice people on a budget to buy them. However, these will not last for a long time. You will end up replacing furniture more often than should. Good-looking furniture does not always mean it is durable. You need to be careful in choosing. Find out about the manufacturer and the kind of material used for the product.

High quality lighting fixtures don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

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