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Cyan Vase 09492

Vase in White finish 7.00`` wide 19.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 08890

Sculpture in Raw Nickel finish 10.50`` wide 6.25`` tall Learn More

Dimond Caldera Planter 9166-076

Planter from Caldera collection in Aged Grey Stone finish 21.62`` wide 9.43`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Pocket Watch Table Clock 06069

Table Clock from Pocket Watch collection in Silver w/Black finish 4.00`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

Light Charms Faceted Almond Black Faceted Almond - 2 (3 Per Box) BLK-9789

Black Faceted Almond - 2 (3 Per Box) from Faceted Almond collection in Black finish Learn More

Cyan Bird In Hand Sculpture 03081

Sculpture from Bird In Hand collection in Bronze finish 7.00`` wide 3.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Moon Jelly Vase 06734

Vase from Moon Jelly collection in White finish 6.75`` wide 6.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Never Leaf You Bowl 07826

Bowl from Never Leaf You collection in Green finish 21.50`` wide 4.75`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Becan Sculpture 20023

Sculpture from Becan collection in Metallic Silver finish 44.00`` wide 19.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Valour Rug 73065-5

Rug from Valour collection 5.00`` wide 96.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Bird On a Wire Sculpture 05837

Sculpture from Bird On a Wire collection in Graphite finish 6.50`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 08315

Vase in Gold finish 10.00`` wide 20.75`` tall Learn More

Dimond Trope Candle Holder 8987-036/S3

Candle Holder from Trope collection in Dual Tone Nickel Plate finish 4.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Sterling Industries Palatial Candle Holder 3200-026

Candle Holder from Palatial collection in Gold Leaf finish 15.80`` wide 20.10`` tall Learn More

Dimond Ombre Vase 876033/S2

Vase from Ombre collection in Purple Ombre finish 4.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Antony Tray DS2020

Tray from Antony collection in Antique Silver finish 33.50`` wide 2.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Plate 08646

Plate in Teal finish 25.25`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

Stein World Ladder Shelf 13419

Shelf from Ladder collection in Black finish 16.00`` wide 76.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Pillow 7011-1303

Pillow in Handpainted Art finish 22.00`` wide 22.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Hand Blown Glass Vase Vase 93009

This vase is fashioned from expertly hand blown glass. The trumpet shaped body and flared base is finished in a striking metallic silver with a smoky ombre effect. Pair with the larger size to Learn More

Sterling Industries Tranquillo Candle Holder 9167-062/S2

Candle Holder from Tranquillo collection in Gloss White finish 5.50`` wide 27.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Luna Vase 07290

Vase from Luna collection in Sky Blue/White finish 4.75`` wide 18.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 09537

Vase in Apricot Orange finish 5.00`` wide 15.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Bowl 08933

Bowl in Bronze finish 16.50`` wide 4.50`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Spare Parts Wall Clock 06788

Wall Clock from Spare Parts collection in Mahogany Wood finish 54.00`` wide 21.00`` tall Learn More

Light Charms Traditional Pendalogue Decorative Accent Shade PC-2139

Decorative Accent Shade from Traditional Pendalogue collection in Amber finish Learn More

Cyan Libra Vase 04361

Vase from Libra collection in Aqua finish 7.75`` wide 6.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Tambora Vase 06878

Vase from Tambora collection in Black Metal finish 10.00`` wide 6.25`` tall Learn More

Dimond Reliquary Box 7163-035

Box from Reliquary collection in Natural finish 16.00`` wide 9.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Paxton Planter 07937

Planter from Paxton collection in Whitewashed finish 11.25`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Ruggiero Sculptures 20124

Sculptures from Ruggiero collection in Metallic Gold finish 3.75`` wide 15.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Marcus Rug 73085-9

Rug from Marcus collection 9.00`` wide 144.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Qattara Bowl 9166-036

Bowl from Qattara collection in Champagne Gold finish 32.00`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Sterling Industries Punta Maroma Coral On Stand 387-018

Coral On Stand from Punta Maroma collection in White finish 6.70`` wide 16.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Econ Rug 8905-074

Rug from Econ collection in Black finish 16.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Royal Nouveau Rug 06924

Rug from Royal Nouveau collection in Multi Colored finish 88.75`` wide Learn More

Dimond Cretaceous Sculpture 2182-015

Sculpture from Cretaceous collection in Antique White finish 27.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 08734

Vase in Natural Stone finish 10.00`` wide 7.25`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Contemporary Vase 35110

This vase is fashioned from aluminum metal into a flat square shape. It is characterized by a hammered honeycomb pattern texturized with a chiseled effect. The entire piece is finished in a gray Learn More

Sterling Industries Circa Tray 3200-140/S2

Tray from Circa collection in Hazelnut And Black finish 18.00`` wide 3.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Belinda Ice Bucket DJ2051

Ice Bucket from Belinda collection in Smoke Glass/Polished Brass finish 8.50`` wide 7.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Melrose Tray 06012

Tray from Melrose collection in Shagreen finish 22.00`` wide 1.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Nobel Vase 07347

Vase from Nobel collection in Blue/Clear finish 4.00`` wide 17.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Planter 09620

Planter in Antique Blue finish 14.25`` wide 13.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Trunk 08981

Trunk in Black finish 49.25`` wide 20.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Tegal Candleholder 18754

Candleholder from Tegal collection in Metallic Silver w/Dark Gray finish 5.00`` wide 28.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Odion Candleholder 18782

Candleholder from Odion collection in Metallic Silver finish 5.50`` wide 25.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Imperial Plate 04767

Plate from Imperial collection in Purple finish 15.75`` wide 4.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Auram Rug 8905-154

Rug from Auram collection in Sand finish 30.70`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Curved Vase Vase 99118

This mirrored vase is simple, yet elegant and full of style. It features a bowed, rectangular shape with beveled mirrors on the front and back surface. The sides are composed of small mirrored tiles. Learn More

Dale Tiffany Angel Fish Sculpture AS12046

Sculpture from Angel Fish collection in Blue finish 9.00`` wide 9.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Velemir Sculpture 20193

Sculpture from Velemir collection in Copper Bronze w/Metallic Silver finish 8.50`` wide 27.38`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Moon Rock Vase 35054

This interesting vase is fashioned from metal into a tapered oval shape. It is finished in a metallic raw copper with an organic moon rock texture. From Contemporary, to Art Deco, from Transitional Learn More

Dimond Dimpled Crystal Candle Holder 980016/S2

Candle Holder from Dimpled Crystal collection in Clear finish 1.50`` wide 1.50`` tall Learn More

Sterling Industries Wind Mill Accessory 51-10032

Accessory from Wind Mill collection in Aged Metal finish 13.00`` wide 20.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sands of Time Sculpture 07046

Sculpture from Sands of Time collection in Nickel finish 4.50`` wide 8.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 08822

Sculpture in Green Crackle finish 8.75`` wide 6.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Natural with Black Accents Vase 89044

This cylindrical vase is fashioned from ceramic stoneware. It features a natural base accented with an exaggerated black cross hatch pattern. It is topped off by a matte black neck with stripe inlay. Learn More

Sterling Industries Narragansett Candle Holder 8983-058/S2

Candle Holder from Narragansett collection in Bronze And Natural Rope finish 6.00`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vizio Vase 01671

Vase from Vizio collection in Yellow/Orange finish 10.50`` wide 9.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Bishop Sculpture 06177

Sculpture from Bishop collection in Antique Crimson finish 3.25`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Nickel Plated Tray 346017

Tray from Nickel Plated collection in Silver finish 10.00`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Dale Tiffany Mosaic Art Glass Antique Gold TwoPc Copper Chandelier PG10104

TwoPc Copper Chandelier from Mosaic Art Glass Antique Gold collection in Antique Gold finish 5.00`` wide 4.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 09077

Sculpture in Arctic Glaze finish 4.00`` wide 6.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Inez Vase 07439

Vase from Inez collection in Matte White finish 12.75`` wide 11.50`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Wild Horses Sculpture 19452

Sculpture from Wild Horses collection in Matte Black finish 25.00`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Madeira Rug 70026-6

Rug from Madeira collection 6.00`` wide 108.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Glacier Vase 05001

Vase from Glacier collection in Gloss White Glaze finish 9.00`` wide 21.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Candle Holder 08105

Candle Holder in Copper finish 3.75`` wide 2.75`` tall Learn More

Dimond Blockhill Rug 8905-223

Rug from Blockhill collection in Cream finish 16.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Minka-Lavery Decorative Box Decorative Box 42224-0

Decorative Box from Decorative Box collection in Brown Alligator finish 18.50`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Ruby Pearl Vase 787157

Vase from Ruby Pearl collection in Red finish 5.00`` wide 15.00`` tall Learn More

Dale Tiffany Stuart Vase AV10766

Vase from Stuart collection 8.75`` wide 16.50`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Kaleama Orchids Planter 60122

Planter from Kaleama Orchids collection in White finish 15.00`` wide 33.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Hand Blown Vase 93065

This jar is fashioned from ceramic into a graceful tapered shape. The lid is adorned with a cute little sparrow. It is finished in a lovely smoky blue glaze with a crackled effect with distressed Learn More

Howard Elliott Cobalt Blue Wood Vase 22112

This gorgeous vase is fashioned from wood and painted with the richest cobalt blue, highlighted with black brush strokes. It has a wide curved body with a small neck. The back of the vase curves in Learn More

Sterling Industries Accessories Birds 7159-036/S2

Decorative Display from Accessories collection in White Washed finish 7.10`` wide 3.10`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vulcan Vase 07100

Vase from Vulcan collection in Textured Nickel finish 7.75`` wide 6.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Pillow 09346

Pillow in Blue finish 14.00`` wide Learn More

Uttermost Janya Table Clock 06447

Table Clock from Janya collection in Burnished Rust finish 20.00`` wide 27.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Sculpture 9536

Sculpture in Pale Brass/White Marble finish 36.00`` wide 36.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Russet and Gold Dust Vase 02174

Vase from Russet and Gold Dust collection in Russet/Gold Dust finish 10.00`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Lime Vase 06458

Vase from Lime collection in Green finish 6.00`` wide 12.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Vivace Vase 4154-040

Vase from Vivace collection in Purple finish 8.70`` wide 7.90`` tall Learn More

Cyan Pagoda Container 07546

Pagoda,Containers & Trays Learn More

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Home Decor, Mirrors, Wall Art, Table Accessories and More to Accent Your Home

Home Decor and Accessories Offer the Perfect Finishing Touches to Any Room

Home Accents are a great way to liven up any room in your home! Enhance your Dining room, your kitchen your living room or bedroom, and any others, by installing Home Accents, available from top name brands.

Adding or switching out old and outdated Home Decor and Accents for elegany furniture pieces or more fashionable and stylish décor pieces is a great way to redo your home staying within your budget! New Home Accents can change the room from worn fixtures and décor to a updated more modern space! The right Home Decor can determine whether you use a room often and how much you dislike or enjoy spending time there. A well decorated home using the right accents can help you better enjoy your space, live and relax it in more often and get the most out of the room.

You use your home every day, but some homeowners or not satisfied with how there home should look. This is a shame because your home is your sanctuary meant to be your get away from the stresses of life. New Home Decor could really make any room a more relaxing space for you to come up and unwind, read, play, interact. Perhaps you will get out of the one room in your home you enjoy and use others. The home should be many things: well lit, as well as comfortable and pleasing to the eye. 

You can find Home Décor and Furniture at Beautiful Things Lighting! Functional, spectacular and stylish lighting and home accents comes in all shapes and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Some of the many types of Home Décor from Beautiful Things Lighting includes: Wall Accents, Wall Accent Mirrors, Home Décor Prints, Accent Paintings, Wall Clocks, Wall Décor, Wall Candle Holder, and Table Accents, such as Vases and Urns, Candle Holders, Figurines, Decorative Bowls, Decorative Boxes, Decorative Trays, Decorative Bottles and Decorative Canisters, Decorative Chargers, Table Clocks, as well as Home Accents, Bathroom Décor and Outdoor Décor.

High quality home accents don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit beautifulthingslighting.com and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

*Free Shipping applies only to orders shipping to the 48 continental United States that qualify and meet the minimum purchase requirement; standard shipping only and select products excluded, including freight and oversized items. Free Returns valid on select items in United States only; does not apply to freight, clearance, Daily Sale or certain items with designer brands.