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Arteriors Edgar Stopper Decanter 2621

Stopper Decanter from Edgar collection in Clear Glass/Antique Brass finish 8.00`` wide 11.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Crystal Rod Candle Holder 329003

Candle Holder from Crystal Rod collection in Black finish 5.00`` wide 21.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Elsie Rug 8905-122

Rug from Elsie collection in Beige finish 96.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Smokey Glass Vase 93011

This classy vase is made from expertly hand blown glass. It has an fluted glass shaped body that is finished in white set on a bright silver base that is so metallic it has a mirror effect. This Learn More

Sterling Industries Cardholder Cardholder 91-3387

Cardholder from Lucinda Scroll collection 2.75`` wide 4.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Tobais Rug 71001-5

Rug from Tobais collection in Brown Leather/Hemp finish 5.00`` wide 96.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Smoky Pewter Bowl 51083

This lovely piece features a hand blown glass bowl with a smoky pewter ombre coloring. It sits atop an abstract human figure fashioned from aluminum with a hammered texture and warm silver finish. Learn More

Cyan Key Sculpture 05338

Sculpture from Key collection in Rustic finish 4.75`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Tray 08136

Tray in Gold finish 14.75`` wide 1.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Pillow 09410

Pillow in Blue finish 18.00`` wide Learn More

Howard Elliott Peacock Statue 91033

This fancy peacock statue features the most realistic detail. The bird sits atop its perch with its elaborate tail draping down. The entire piece is finished in a gorgeous, silver. The base features Learn More

Arteriors Vase 7418

Vase in Midnight Blue Speckled Porcelain finish 6.00`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Govea Planter 07417

Planter from Govea collection in Olive Glaze finish 7.00`` wide 11.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Alloy Palm Vase 07084

Vase from Alloy Palm collection in Textured Nickel finish 9.75`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Glass Oriel Candle Holder 784052

Candle Holder from Glass Oriel collection in Clear finish 7.00`` wide 11.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Windowpane Crystal Candle Holder 980006/S2

Candle Holder from Windowpane Crystal collection in Clear finish 4.00`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Sterling Industries Kule Molecules 351-10173/S2

Decorative Display from Geometry collection in Gold finish 8.00`` wide 7.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Tamaki Candleholder 19810

Candleholder from Tamaki collection in Metallic Silver finish 4.50`` wide 7.88`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Braymer Rug 71071-8

Rug from Braymer collection 8.00`` wide 120.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Granada Candleholder 06655

Candleholder from Granada collection in Oyster Silver finish 3.25`` wide 26.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 08680

Sculpture in Bronze finish 5.25`` wide 2.25`` tall Learn More

Dimond Fortress Dish 135005

Dish from Fortress collection in Distressed Silver finish 22.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 09097

Sculpture in Black/Gold finish 6.50`` wide 23.50`` tall Learn More

Dale Tiffany Accessories/Sculptures Sculpture AS14072

Sculpture from Accessories/Sculptures collection 7.50`` wide 4.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Agatha Wall Sconce 4280

Wall Sconce from Agatha collection in Antiqued Gold Leaf/Antiqued Mirror finish 9.00`` wide 20.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Katerini Vase 4154-025

Vase from Katerini collection in Gold finish 7.50`` wide 8.30`` tall Learn More

Dimond Desna Rug 8905-191

Rug from Desna collection in Grey finish 96.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Cut Glass Candle Holder Candle Holder 99080

This candle holder features a tall narrow cylindrical body fashioned from cut glass. It is set on a block, mirrored base. The holder will fit up to a 3`` pillar candle (not included). Pair this Learn More

Uttermost Silver Branches Wall Art 04053

Wall Art from Silver Branches collection in Bright Silver Leaf finish 20.50`` wide 36.63`` tall Learn More

Van Teal Van Teal Art Sculpture 631435

Sculpture from Van Teal Art collection in Gold finish 11.00`` wide 35.00`` tall Learn More

Varaluz Americana Statue 400A10SI

Statue from Americana collection in Silver finish 6.10`` wide 15.40`` tall Learn More

Cyan Belle Sculpture 05597

Sculpture from Belle collection in Distressed Gray finish 3.00`` wide 13.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Container 08175

Container in Nickel finish 10.00`` wide 9.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 09449

Vase in Iridescent finish 7.75`` wide 16.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Ole Sculpture 18902

Sculpture from Ole collection in Antique Bronze finish 20.50`` wide 13.75`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Alayah Fireplace Screen 18594

Fireplace Screen from Alayah collection in Caramel Gold finish 50.00`` wide 33.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sombra Vase 07502

Vase from Sombra collection in Black finish 7.50`` wide 6.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Juno Candleholder 07136

Candleholder from Juno collection in Antique Copper/Copper Leaf finish 4.50`` wide 4.75`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Striped Gold Vase 22063

This decorative vase has an interesting curved shape. The base is wide and angles up to a narrow neck. The styling beautifully shows off its brilliant gold finish that is accented by black brush Learn More

Sterling Industries Book Stand Decorative Book Stand 44-1073

Book Stand from Cooks Bible Stand collection 9.00`` wide 17.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Arya Tray 19956

Tray from Arya collection in Burnished Silver finish 32.00`` wide 4.25`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Ramey Rug 71096-8

Rug from Ramey collection 8.00`` wide 120.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Puma Sculpture 03097

Sculpture from Puma collection in Rustic Bronze finish 24.50`` wide 5.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Interlace Filler 06722

Filler from Interlace collection in White finish 3.25`` wide Learn More

Cyan Planter 08756

Planter in Green Crackle finish 7.25`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Alena Rug 8905-010

Rug from Alena collection in Marsala finish 36.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 09185

Vase in Blue finish 7.25`` wide 14.00`` tall Learn More

Dale Tiffany Windlin Keyole Vase AV13098

Vase from Windlin Keyole collection in Multi finish 8.25`` wide 17.70`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Aldo Vase 7038

Vase from Aldo collection in Smoke Glass finish 11.00`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Vase 464069

Vase in Grey finish 4.00`` wide 14.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Harappa Rug 8905-272

Rug from Harappa collection in Grey finish 96.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Puff Chair Cover Puff Chair Cover C300-610

Extra Puff Slipcovers in Linen are a great way to get a fresh new look without the expense of buying a whole new chair! Puff Covers fit Scroll, Rocker & Milan frames. This Prairie Linen cover Learn More

Uttermost Marino, Clock Wall Clock 06432

Wall Clock from Marino, Clock collection in Brushed Silver w/Black Antiquing finish 30.25`` wide 30.25`` tall Learn More

Light Charms Octagon Garland Clear Octagon Garland - 12 (3 Per Box) BC-8599

Clear Octagon Garland - 12 (3 Per Box) from Octagon Garland collection in Clear finish Learn More

Uttermost Harrison Gray 30`` Wall Clock 06033

Wall Clock from Harrison Gray 30`` collection in Brass finish 30.00`` wide 30.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Mirror Mirror Tray 05820

Tray from Mirror Mirror collection in Stainles Steel finish 21.75`` wide 3.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase Vase 08299

Vase from Vase collection in Vintage Brass finish 9.75`` wide 27.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 09499

Vase in Multi Colored finish 8.25`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 08879

Vase in Copper finish 7.75`` wide 15.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Polley Sculpture 07659

Sculpture from Polley collection in Raw Steel finish 4.25`` wide 20.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sardinia Vase 07203

Vase from Sardinia collection in Nickel finish 6.75`` wide 14.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Rustic Candle Holder 857068

Candle Holder from Rustic collection in Green finish 2.00`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott King Boxspring Cover 243-202

The Box spring Cover works as a fitted bed skirt. Textured chocolate brown cover provides the perfect base for your bedding arrangement. Fits most standard size box spring mattresses Learn More

Sterling Industries Couture Covers Cover 7011-120-F

Cover from Couture Covers collection in Light Brown finish 24.50`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Carlo Tray 20052

Tray from Carlo collection in Cast Aluminum finish 19.00`` wide 3.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Robina Rug 71116-8

Rug from Robina collection 8.00`` wide 120.00`` tall Learn More

Cyan Italian Vase 04363

Vase from Italian collection in Caramel Swirl finish 5.50`` wide 13.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Neo-Noir Vase 06769

Vase from Neo-Noir collection in Black finish 6.25`` wide 10.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Pillow 09306

Pillow in Turquoise finish 14.00`` wide Learn More

Guild Master Rattan Trays Trays 289501S

Trays from Rattan Trays collection in Apple Green finish 32.50`` wide 6.30`` tall Learn More

Dimond Mojave Vase 4154-066

Vase from Mojave collection in Rose finish 8.70`` wide 11.40`` tall Learn More

Dimond Teak Bowl 162-010

Bowl from Teak collection in Aluminum finish 10.00`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Jules Tray DJ2027

Tray from Jules collection in Cerused Oak/Polished Brass finish 23.00`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Russet Wire Vase 594014

Vase from Russet Wire collection in Brown finish 20.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Dimond Nash Rug 8905-345

Rug from Nash collection in Blue finish 6.00`` wide 6.00`` tall Learn More

Sterling Industries Hucknall Tray 114-90

Tray from Hucknall collection in Mccomish Bronze finish 16.00`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Uttermost Cosme Candleholder 18720

Candleholder from Cosme collection in Matte Black finish 4.50`` wide 18.25`` tall Learn More

Light Charms Faceted Ball Amber Faceted Ball - 30Mm (3 Per Box) GB-4508

Amber Faceted Ball - 30Mm (3 Per Box) from Faceted Ball collection in Amber finish 1.50`` wide 4.00`` tall Learn More

Arteriors Howie Vase 7143

Vase from Howie collection in Gold Ceramic finish 15.50`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Brooklyn Tray 06009

Tray from Brooklyn collection in Shagreen finish 18.00`` wide 1.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Planter 08405

Planter in Ash Stone finish 9.75`` wide 5.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Vase 09540

Vase in Tortoise finish 8.75`` wide 11.75`` tall Learn More

Cyan Sculpture 08915

Sculpture in Rustic finish 21.25`` wide 36.50`` tall Learn More

Cyan Neema Vase 07808

Vase from Neema collection in Amber finish 9.00`` wide 18.25`` tall Learn More

Cyan Lima Vase 07264

Vase from Lima collection in Blue finish 9.50`` wide 9.50`` tall Learn More

Dimond Water Chestnut Vase 857-167

Vase from Water Chestnut collection in White Crackle finish 7.00`` wide 24.50`` tall Learn More

Howard Elliott Metal Bottle Bottle 35026

This metal vase features a rounded bottle shape. It is characterized by a chiseled texture etched into the metal. It is then finished in a dark copper finish. The chiseled texture which captures the Learn More

Sterling Industries Vase Cuzco Vase 8468-076

Vase from Vase Cuzco collection in Fire Clay finish 7.80`` wide 18.00`` tall Learn More

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Home Decor, Mirrors, Wall Art, Table Accessories and More to Accent Your Home

Home Decor and Accessories Offer the Perfect Finishing Touches to Any Room

Home Accents are a great way to liven up any room in your home! Enhance your Dining room, your kitchen your living room or bedroom, and any others, by installing Home Accents, available from top name brands.

Adding or switching out old and outdated Home Decor and Accents for elegany furniture pieces or more fashionable and stylish décor pieces is a great way to redo your home staying within your budget! New Home Accents can change the room from worn fixtures and décor to a updated more modern space! The right Home Decor can determine whether you use a room often and how much you dislike or enjoy spending time there. A well decorated home using the right accents can help you better enjoy your space, live and relax it in more often and get the most out of the room.

You use your home every day, but some homeowners or not satisfied with how there home should look. This is a shame because your home is your sanctuary meant to be your get away from the stresses of life. New Home Decor could really make any room a more relaxing space for you to come up and unwind, read, play, interact. Perhaps you will get out of the one room in your home you enjoy and use others. The home should be many things: well lit, as well as comfortable and pleasing to the eye. 

You can find Home Décor and Furniture at Beautiful Things Lighting! Functional, spectacular and stylish lighting and home accents comes in all shapes and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Some of the many types of Home Décor from Beautiful Things Lighting includes: Wall Accents, Wall Accent Mirrors, Home Décor Prints, Accent Paintings, Wall Clocks, Wall Décor, Wall Candle Holder, and Table Accents, such as Vases and Urns, Candle Holders, Figurines, Decorative Bowls, Decorative Boxes, Decorative Trays, Decorative Bottles and Decorative Canisters, Decorative Chargers, Table Clocks, as well as Home Accents, Bathroom Décor and Outdoor Décor.

High quality home accents don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit beautifulthingslighting.com and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

*Free Shipping applies only to orders shipping to the 48 continental United States that qualify and meet the minimum purchase requirement; standard shipping only and select products excluded, including freight and oversized items. Free Returns valid on select items in United States only; does not apply to freight, clearance, Daily Sale or certain items with designer brands.