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San Marco Candleholder 07122

Candleholder from San Marco collection in Antique Zinc/Silver Leaf finish 8.00`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Swirl Perfume Bottle AV12048

Perfume Bottle from Swirl collection in Multi finish 2.75`` wide 5.50`` tall Learn More

Antilles Box 8989-020

Box from Antilles collection in Blue finish 10.00`` wide 3.00`` tall Learn More

Largs Statuary 138-103/S3

Statuary from Largs collection in Silver Leaf finish 10.00`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Aric Spheres S/2 18708

Spheres S/2 from Aric collection in Rust Brown w/Golden Bronze finish 8.50`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Bead Garland Lavender Garland - 12 (3 Per Box) BC-8779

Lavender Garland - 12 (3 Per Box) from Bead Garland collection in Lavender finish Learn More

Hubble Sculpture 2947

Sculpture from Hubble collection in Polished Brass/Clear Magnifying Glass finish 5.50`` wide 8.50`` tall Learn More

Duray Deer Sculpture 05272

Sculpture from Duray Deer collection in Old World finish 6.00`` wide 22.50`` tall Learn More

Giralda Candleholder 06656

Candleholder from Giralda collection in Oyster Silver finish 4.00`` wide 19.75`` tall Learn More

Vase 08577

Vase in Gold/Zinc finish 8.50`` wide 19.75`` tall Learn More

Planter 09614

Planter in Golden Antique finish 12.25`` wide 9.25`` tall Learn More

Ottoman 08816

Ottoman in Grey finish 18.00`` wide 19.00`` tall Learn More

Hatch Sculpture 07402

Sculpture from Hatch collection in Blue/White finish 3.25`` wide 4.00`` tall Learn More

Mandisa Vase 07805

Vase from Mandisa collection in Amber finish 8.75`` wide 21.50`` tall Learn More

Plot Toffee Stand 387-037

Stand from Plot Toffee collection in Black finish 6.30`` wide 5.59`` tall Learn More

Auram Rug 8905-152

Rug from Auram collection in Sand finish 96.00`` wide 1.00`` tall Learn More

Caramelized Glass Urn Urn 51059

Urn from Caramelized Glass Urn collection in Champagne/Caramelized Glass finish 7.00`` wide 26.00`` tall Learn More

Accessory Decorative Accessory 87-003/S2

Decorative Accessory from Accessory collection in Aged Grey finish 5.00`` wide 13.00`` tall Learn More

Nunzia Candleholder 20063

Candleholder from Nunzia collection in Coffee Bronze finish 15.00`` wide 20.75`` tall Learn More

Tobais Rug 71142-5

Rug from Tobais collection 5.00`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Fireplace Fireplace Tools 04093

Fireplace Tools from Fireplace collection in Distressed Antique White finish 16.00`` wide 34.00`` tall Learn More

Echo Plate 06096

Plate from Echo collection in Purple finish 25.25`` wide 3.25`` tall Learn More

Bowl 08132

Bowl in Gold finish 7.75`` wide 5.25`` tall Learn More

Pillow 09380

Pillow in Turquoise/White finish 18.00`` wide Learn More

Hexagon Cut Outs and White Ceramic Top Vase 49021

Vase from Hexagon Cut Outs and White Ceramic Top collection in Silver And White Ceramic finish 8.00`` wide 15.00`` tall Learn More

Vase 09191

Vase in Green finish 4.75`` wide 9.25`` tall Learn More

Delphi Sculpture 07157

Sculpture from Delphi collection in Bleached Reclaimed Wood finish 14.75`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Accessories/Vases Vase AV13180

Vase from Accessories/Vases collection 13.75`` wide 15.75`` tall Learn More

Khronos Bowl 8178-038

Bowl from Khronos collection in Black Nickel finish 12.00`` wide 2.00`` tall Learn More

Gitche Gumee Decorative Cluster 2181-051

Decorative Cluster from Gitche Gumee collection in White finish 22.00`` wide 9.00`` tall Learn More

Teak Branches Statues, S/3 18767

Statues, S/3 from Teak Branches collection in Warm White finish 4.70`` wide 40.00`` tall Learn More

Milky Tear Black Tear 3 (3 Per Box) MK-2069

Black Tear 3 (3 Per Box) from Milky Tear collection in Black finish 0.50`` wide 4.50`` tall Learn More

Giraffe Sculpture 00985

Sculpture from Giraffe collection in Hand Applied Multi-Color finish 7.00`` wide 22.00`` tall Learn More

Vases Vase 05383

Vase from Vases collection in Green finish 4.75`` wide 16.00`` tall Learn More

Cirque Candleholder 06699

Candleholder from Cirque collection in Amber finish 3.75`` wide 6.50`` tall Learn More

Plate 08646

Plate in Teal finish 25.25`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

San Marco Trays 09695

Trays from San Marco collection in Walnut finish 25.00`` wide 7.75`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 5002 total

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Home Decor, Mirrors, Wall Art, Table Accessories and More to Accent Your Home

Home Decor and Accessories Offer the Perfect Finishing Touches to Any Room

Home Accents are a great way to liven up any room in your home! Enhance your Dining room, your kitchen your living room or bedroom, and any others, by installing Home Accents, available from top name brands.

Adding or switching out old and outdated Home Decor and Accents for elegany furniture pieces or more fashionable and stylish décor pieces is a great way to redo your home staying within your budget! New Home Accents can change the room from worn fixtures and décor to a updated more modern space! The right Home Decor can determine whether you use a room often and how much you dislike or enjoy spending time there. A well decorated home using the right accents can help you better enjoy your space, live and relax it in more often and get the most out of the room.

You use your home every day, but some homeowners or not satisfied with how there home should look. This is a shame because your home is your sanctuary meant to be your get away from the stresses of life. New Home Decor could really make any room a more relaxing space for you to come up and unwind, read, play, interact. Perhaps you will get out of the one room in your home you enjoy and use others. The home should be many things: well lit, as well as comfortable and pleasing to the eye. 

You can find Home Décor and Furniture at Beautiful Things Lighting! Functional, spectacular and stylish lighting and home accents comes in all shapes and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Some of the many types of Home Décor from Beautiful Things Lighting includes: Wall Accents, Wall Accent Mirrors, Home Décor Prints, Accent Paintings, Wall Clocks, Wall Décor, Wall Candle Holder, and Table Accents, such as Vases and Urns, Candle Holders, Figurines, Decorative Bowls, Decorative Boxes, Decorative Trays, Decorative Bottles and Decorative Canisters, Decorative Chargers, Table Clocks, as well as Home Accents, Bathroom Décor and Outdoor Décor.

High quality home accents don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit beautifulthingslighting.com and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

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