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Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Damp Location and Wet Location Ceiling Fan Information:

When people think of ceiling fans they most likely think of ceiling fans used on the inside of the house. They’re a common way to keep a room cool without using all of the energy that comes with cooling the whole house through air conditioning. Outdoor ceiling fans, though, can be just as useful, or even more so.

While the temperature of the inside of a house is relatively easy to control, with the option of air conditioning and the obvious way in which the inside of a home is ceiled off from the elements, a person’s temperature on the outside of a house can seem completely dependent on the weather.

This is where an outdoor ceiling fan becomes useful. On hot summer days, instead of hiding inside to avoid sweating through your clothes, you can enjoy the weather and maintain a perfect temperature by controlling the speed and subsequent cooling power of your ceiling fan. It hardly uses any energy and can make the outdoors livable again, even in those hot summer months.

There are so many places to put an outdoor ceiling fan, too! You can place them on the ceiling of a covered patio, a porch, exposed decks, cabanas, verandas, lanais, or gazebos. Any place outdoors that has a ceiling, you can install a ceiling fan.

What’s the difference between an indoor an outdoor fan? Why not just used an indoor fan on the outdoors? Well, the difference is what weather they’re suited to handle. This means that it is not a good idea to put most indoor ceiling fans in an outdoor environment. Indoor ceiling fans are made to handle their one job, which is keeping you cool. Outdoor fans, on the other hand, are made to handle inclement weather like cold, heat, snow, and rain. There are varying degrees of durability, from a damp-rated fan to a wet-rated fan, and which one you’ll choose depends on how exposed your fan will be. An exposed deck, for example, would probably require a wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan, whereas a screened-in porch would probably only require a damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan.

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