At Beautiful Things Lighting, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible deals.

Therefore, we will match or beat any price offered by all authorized retailers and e-commerce stores. If you see a product at a lower price either screenshot the page or copy the link. Then you can email that to [email protected], send a livechat message at the bottom right corner of this page, or call us at 954-759-9646 so we can honor that price. We look forward to providing you with beautiful lighting at the best possible price!

The Beautiful Things Lighting price match guarantee policy does NOT cover any Unauthorized distributors retailers, e-tailers, and websites. Unauthorized distributors immediately have all warranties voided by the manufacturer and there is no guarantee you aren’t getting used product. Ask yourself the question…”Do I really want to give my credit card information to a company the manufacturer won’t authorize to sell their products?”. Unauthorized distributors do not work directly with any manufacturers either. Examples of some unauthorized distributors include websites like “Lighting Merchant”, “DecorPrice”, “Design Direct Lighting”, “Lightingdirect” , and various third-party sellers from Amazon/eBay/Walmart. This isn’t a list of all unauthorized sites so doublecheck with our livechat reps if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Price matching is not offered retroactively and must be done before sale is completed. We also do not match prices on out of stock or backordered merchandise.