To the Trade

Beautiful Things Lighting and Design The Trade Program offers exclusive benefits and services for designers, achitects, and other industry professionals for their commercial and residential projects. We are proud to help you achieve your vision, with excellent results, and very satisfied clients. Our expertise assisting professionals in selecting the perfect lighting and décor for their projects is well-respected and always growing. Take advantage of our special pricing and quantity discounts. We are a valuable resource; and offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a design aesthetic that is sure to help you achieve your goals

  • Trade Discounts
  • Special Programs for Quantity Orders
  • Customizable Project Management
  • Lead Generating Tools
  • A Valuable Resource of Information
  • 7-Day Technical Support
  • 7-Day Customer Support
  • Our Industry Facebook page – Follow us!

Providing insights and information on design, influences,craftsmanship, finishes, styles, materials, and trends.

To apply for the Beautiful Things Lighting and Design Trade Program, simply fill out the form below.