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Wall Lights

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Prong LED Wall Fixture 20447LEDD-BS/WHT

LED Wall Fixture from Prong collection in Brushed Steel finish 12.00`` wide 7.10`` tall Learn More

Lx Glyde LED LED Module 98831S-15

LED Module from Lx Glyde LED collection in White finish 4.50`` wide 0.50`` tall Learn More

Galaxy Mirror 3163

Mirror from Galaxy collection in Silver/Plain Mirror finish 41.50`` wide 41.50`` tall Learn More

Bohemian Four Light Vanity 85324W-44-115

Four Light Vanity from Bohemian collection in Polished Chrome finish 16.00`` wide 10.00`` tall Learn More

Madison One Light Wall Sconce 1214W11PN/RC

One Light Wall Sconce from Madison collection in Polished Nickel finish 11.50`` wide 10.50`` tall Learn More

Wall Sconces One Light Outdoor Wall Mount 31991BK

One Light Outdoor Wall Mount from Wall Sconces collection in Matte Black finish 4.50`` wide 6.88`` tall Learn More

Bay Street Two Light Outdoor Wall Mount 7662ABZ

Two Light Outdoor Wall Mount from Bay Street collection in Architectural Bronze finish 7.75`` wide 16.25`` tall Learn More

Vivela LED Wall Sconce 83810

LED Wall Sconce from Vivela collection in Brushed Nickel finish 7.01`` wide 14.98`` tall Learn More

Poydras Two Light Bath IN41336ORB

Two Light Bath from Poydras collection in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish 10.75`` wide 9.75`` tall Learn More

Geo One Light Bath Fixture 295B01AGRB

One Light Bath Fixture from Geo collection in Antique Gold w/ Rustic Bronze finish 8.50`` wide 8.00`` tall Learn More

Constructivism Two Light Wall Sconce 840650ST

Two Light Wall Sconce from Constructivism collection in Silver finish 7.00`` wide 13.75`` tall Learn More

Lufe LED Wall Sconce WS983OYSCLED930277

LED Wall Sconce from Lufe collection in Satin Nickel finish 5.00`` wide 14.00`` tall Learn More

Tube LED Bath P5046-084-L

LED Bath from Tube collection in Brushed Nickel finish 39.75`` wide 4.75`` tall Learn More

Organic One Light Wall Bracket JA14021VB

One Light Wall Bracket from Organic collection in Vintage Brass finish Learn More

Sussex Two Light Wall Sconce 4792EZ

Two Light Wall Sconce from Sussex collection in English Bronze finish 15.50`` wide 15.75`` tall Learn More

Latitude Two Light Bath 5652BN

Two Light Bath from Latitude collection in Brushed Nickel finish 18.00`` wide 5.50`` tall Learn More

Lake Shore One Light Wall Lamp LS202-MB

One Light Wall Lamp from Lake Shore collection in Mahogany Bronze finish 6.00`` wide 17.00`` tall Learn More

Octo Mirror 05823

Mirror from Octo collection in Raw Steel finish 24.00`` wide 24.00`` tall Learn More

Tate Mirror 43002sm

Mirror from Tate collection in Deep Bronze finish 60.00`` wide 84.00`` tall Learn More

Courcelette Four Light Vanity DVP27044CH-CL

Four Light Vanity from Courcelette collection in Chrome finish 26.00`` wide 10.25`` tall Learn More

Anchorage Three Light Wall Mount 1855LZ

Three Light Wall Mount from Anchorage collection in Light Oiled Bronze finish 11.00`` wide 21.25`` tall Learn More

Sperry One Light Wall Sconce 1001-OB

One Light Wall Sconce from Sperry collection in Old Bronze finish 3.00`` wide 12.50`` tall Learn More

Peyton One Light Wall Sconce H113101-PN

One Light Wall Sconce from Peyton collection in Polished Nickel finish 7.50`` wide 11.25`` tall Learn More

Southport One Light Bath Bracket 2051-PC

One Light Bath Bracket from Southport collection in Polished Chrome finish 4.75`` wide 6.25`` tall Learn More

Erie One Light Wall Sconce 3861-AGB

One Light Wall Sconce from Erie collection in Aged Brass finish 5.25`` wide 20.50`` tall Learn More



Buckley One Light Bath Bracket 5841-PN

One Light Bath Bracket from Buckley collection in Polished Nickel finish 12.75`` wide 5.00`` tall Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 31498 total

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Wall Lights, Bathroom Lights, Sconces and Torchieres!

Shop Wall Lights of All Sizes at Beautiful Things Lighting

Highlight your favorite spaces with premium light from Beautiful Things Lighting top-quality wall lighting fixtures. Our large selection is designed to help you make your lighting dreams come true, with stylish wall lights that perfectly highlight your home's architectural features, framed art, décor and more. It doesn't matter if you're looking for smooth wall sconces to frame the bed or want a unique wall swing lamp for adjustable, targeted lighting in the office. Make your light design vision a reality with our selection of fixtures that provides the perfect blend of good looks and practicality. Every fixture comes with our price guarantee, free shipping on orders $149 or more and easy returns within the 14 days of purchase.

Wall lights from Beautiful Things Lighting are categorized into several styles — wall sconces, bath vanity lights, wall swing arm lamps and picture and display lights — to ensure that you find the picture-perfect style for your home and budget.

We also have specialty options like bath vanity lighting, which includes an assortment of fixtures which are uniquely designed to hang over the top of your bathroom vanity. These units are both decorative and functional, with ample light for getting ready in the morning. We have over 10,000 wall sconces to choose from, with styles such as traditional, modern, transitional, rustic, whimsical and vintage décor styles. Shop our complete collection at beautifulthingslighting.com for an endless array of beautiful styles.

High quality lighting fixtures don’t have to cost much. With Beautiful Things Lighting, you’re sure to get the best products at affordable prices. Visit beautifulthingslighting.com and see what Beautiful Things can do for you!

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